Friday 4 November 2011

OnlineIconMaker: Easily Create New Icons & Download Them.

While working on a new application or web design, you are going to need icons to use. Creating such icons from scratch can be a lengthy process. Here to easily let you get new cool looking icons is a web tool called Online Icon Maker.

Online Icon Maker provides you with a few icon shapes which you can see in the image above. With these shapes you can edit the colors, the font and color of the text they contain, and the icon’s shadows.

When you achieve your desired icon, click on a particular shape to download it as a ZIP archive. The archive contains the icon in various sizes, all in the PNG image format.


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Lets you create new icons.
3.> Provides predefined icon shapes.
4.> Lets you modify icon color, text color, and icon shadow.
5.> Provides icon in different sizes in PNG image format.

Visit Online Icon Maker from here @

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