Tuesday 8 November 2011

Google+ launches Pages; brands get on board.

Google+ has taken one more page out of Facebook and launched its own version of Pages. This, of course, has led to brands clambering onto the newly launched social network to get their message out there. The Pages feature has been launched after months of testing and brands, products and local businesses can all get onboard. Pages on Google+ don't act like Pages on Facebook, wherein a user "Likes" a page and receives a constant flow of information. Once a Google+ user adds a Page to their Circles, the Page can actually add the user back to one of their own Circles. This way, content sharing becomes more of a two-way channel than Facebook's method. A Page user on Google+ may only add a personal account into its Circles, if the personal account user adds the Page to its Circle. Pages on Google+ also have a +1 feature, which works to let your friends know that you're supporting that Page user because the activity shows up on your timeline.

According to TechCrunch, for business owners creating a Page on Google+, Google's added a feature called Direct Connect to its Pages. Say for instance, someone goes to Google+ and types in +Tech2. The Tech2 page would show up on Google+ and the user will be asked if they would like to add the Page to their Circles. If the user selects "Yes", the choice becomes automatic. So, the next time a user performs a search for another page like +Apple or +Bill Gates (if the two search terms even have Pages that is), the user will immediately start following those Pages. To do this, business owners will have to collect some code from Google to add to their own websites. Google's crawlers will spot this and the feature will kick in.

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