Tuesday 28 June 2011

Voice chat on Facebook.

Have you ever needed to voice chat with your Facebook contacts? If yes, then you called them over to Skype. But thanks to a new service called BobSled, you can start voice chatting with your Facebook friends without leaving your web browser.

BobSled is a new web service by T-Mobile that can be used by all Facebook users. All you and your Facebook friends need to do is install the app on your Facebook accounts and grant it the necessary permissions. From then on you can see the app’s interface in Facebook and voice chat with other friends who have got BobSled installed.Additionally the app lets you leave voice messages for your Facebook friends. T-Mobile plans to extend this valuable service to Android and iOS devices in the future.


1. A user-friendly web service.
2. Works as a Facebook application.
3. Lets you voice chat with friends on Facebook.
4. Lets you leave voice messages for your Facebook friends.
5. Will soon be coming to Android and iOS devices.

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