Saturday 18 June 2011


If you use a main desktop PC at work or at home,
and also use a laptop, you've likely got problems.
Let's say, for example, that you use an e-mail
client such as Outlook or Thunderbird on your desktop PC, but
when you are away from it, you want to check
your email. There's nothing you can do; you are out of luck. LogMeIn Free solves the problem. You can
take control any of your computers from any PC
or Mac over the Internet, using one of the popular
browsers on LogMeIn's supported list. So that
means you'll be able to sit at a different computer,
controlling your main computer almost as if you were sitting there. Setup is surprisingly easy. Create an account on
the Web site, then install the
LogMeIn software on the computer you wish to
control. Tell the software you want that PC to be
able to be controlled over the Internet. Then
when you want to take control of it, log into your account, and you'll be able to
take control of the computer, using either a PC or
a Mac. The computer you want to control will
have to left on and running LogMeIn Free. For the
best performance, install any software that it
recommends on the machine on which you're using a browser, such as a Firefox plug-in or a
special piece of Mac software. But you don't have
to do that--it still works, even with out the special
software. You'll now be able to run the remote computer in
its own browser window. You may have to
fiddle with resolution settings on the machine
from which you are connecting when you re
connected if the resolution on the machine you re
controlling and the one doing the controlling don't match. There's also a $70 (~ Rs. 3130) per year version
of LogMeIn, LogMeIn Pro2, which has extra
features such as remote printing, file-sharing and
more. But if you don't need those features, the
free version will do the trick. Note that when you install LogMeIn, it installs as a
trial of the Pro version. However, you can easily
turn that trial software into the free version. To
do so, select Options --> About, click the "Switch
Account or Subscriptions" button, and in the
Available Subscriptions drop-down menu, select LogMeIn Free. You can also do nothing, because at the end of
the Pro trial period, you will be asked if you want
to subscribe to the Pro version. If you don't
subscribe, the software will automatically revert
to the free version, removing the Pro features but
remaining functional.

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