Thursday 16 June 2011

Music on Cloud

Music shouldn’t be locked localy machine so there are many ways to enjoy music is from the cloud; like YouTube, and Spotify etc. Uploading your own music to the clouds is at least as viable as enjoying it offline. Even if you continue to use media player locally, a cloud-based music library allows you to enjoy your own music wherever you are, regardless of the device you’re currently using.

Mougg is application which fit in your requirment. This online tool will be your media player in the clouds. You can signing up  without much of a hassle and gets 2 GB free storage. It should be enough to host your most favorite songs.

The online media player, shown above, is easy to use. Mougg was able to keep its streaming on par with my connection speed, which makes for fast buffering.

After supplying an email address and custom password, you’re set to go.Select Upload Music in the left sidebar to get your music library online. Mougg allows you to select music from your computer, MP3 or M4A, but only around 50 items at a time. On the plus side, the music controls on the bottom left get you enjoying your music as soon as the first song finishes uploading. In advanced controls, Mougg makes your music library instantly searchable, showing results as you type. It also offers playlist functionality, which is something that  can’t available in all online music players. To fill a playlist, simply drag the songs onto the playlist name.

Mougg is also available on mobile, Right now One app available for the Android OS.It integrates well with the website; looks slick and is easy to use. After logging in with your Mougg credentials, you can start streaming right away. it is A similar application for the iPhone' i cloud.

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