Wednesday 29 June 2011

Google's new weapon for social networking. :-( Google+)

To win from the supremacy of social networking giant Facebook, Google has recently introduced a service called Google plus (Google+). According to the homepage of Google+, the
project is currently available only to a small group of people (probably testers) but you can register for an invite and update on the service. Google+ is made of three basic concepts (which
have intuitive names): 'Circles,' 'Hangouts,' and

Circles: This feature lets you handle your friends circle. You can drag and drop new friends to
your preset circle as you see fit. You can also
choose the type of content that will be shared
with a particular circle.

Hangouts: It is nothing but a glorified term for video chatting. "With Hangouts, the unplanned
meet-up comes to the web for the first time," what Google says.

Sparks: If you find an interesting article on the web and want to share it in your circle, then you
can use ‘Sparks’ for social sharing. Also you can
key in any topic that interests and choose from a
wide variety of links to share it on 'Circles.'

It is yet to be seen whether Google+ will receive
a good response because Google's earlier attempt
at social networking was a failure.

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