Wednesday 22 June 2011

Nokia N9 :- Why You Shouldn't Buy this Device.

Nokia has unveiled the N9, its latest flagship smartphone, the first device to run the MeeGo
operating system. Meego has been heralded as
Nokia's strategic move against increased
competition from rivals Apple and Google. The N9 looks like one of Nokia's
finest works to date: it has a 3.9-
inch AMOLED display (854 by 480
pixels resolution), which is made
from scratch-resistant curved
glass, with no buttons on the face of the phone; the body is made
out of polycarbonate, which Nokia
claims will help with reception
issues. There's also an 8-megapixel
camera on board and NFC
capabilities. But hardware is not the N9's
problem - it's the software. The phone runs on
the latest iteration of MeeGo, which Nokia developed as a response to Apple's
iPhone and the Android army. But the problem is
MeeGo is obsolete, even before the N9 goes on
sale. Earlier this year Nokia, under new management,
realized it was standing on a "burning platform." Symbian and MeeGo, Nokia's smartphone operating systems, were too expensive to
maintain and they were years behind
competitors' sleekness and usability. Nokia's new CEO realized this and decided to strike a deal with Microsoft and put Windows Phone 7 on its top smartphones. The first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices are set
to arrive later of 2011, while Symbian and
Meego phones will be slowly abandoned over
the coming months or relegated to cheaper feature phones. It makes little sense to buy the
N9, with an OS soon to be put to pastures, regardless of Nokia's excellent craftsmanship
when it comes to hardware. If you really want a
Nokia phone, you are better off waiting until later this year for one of the Windows Phone 7 models.

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