Wednesday 15 June 2011

Sakshat Tablets Ready for Indian Student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Indian government's prestigious project ultra low cost tablet devices for the students, the $35 Sakshat Tablets seem to be ready to see in hand.

since announced, the low cost device has always been in debate for obvious reasons that not a single tablet with the proposed specs can be built within that price bracket.

Well, those are the things of the past. Although, the launch date of the device has delayed from starting this year, as government canceled the tender, then delayed the project by more than 6 months, but finally good news for student.

The Sakshat tablets are soon going to be available for the students in India. Government has announced that 10,000 Sakshat tablets will be delivered to IIT Rajasthan in last week of June. Also, more than 90,000 units will be ready over the next quarter at a price of Rs. 2,200 per device.

Government has plans to subsidize the cost by 50%. It means that a student need to pay just Rs. 1,100 for Sakshat tablet device.

The Sakshat tablet come with a 7 inch touchscreen, vertual keyboard,multimedia content, Wi-Fi, USB port, Linux OS, 32GB HD, 2 GB RAM and computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab and Internet browsing and video conferencing facility.

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