Friday 24 June 2011

Finally much awaited - Do-Not-Call Registry in August

Last year, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) had introduced a new set of rules, according to which, the unending spate of telemarketing calls and SMSs would come to an end. In the wake of several complaints, owing to the pesky nature of the calls, and messages, the regulatory body took the decision. However, despite a decision a place, the implementation of the same didn’t happen.

This time, TRAI has brought forth yet another set of rules, about whose implementation it seems very serious. Beginning from August, this year, tentatively 15th August, 2011, TRAI will follow its revised Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry. According the new DNC registry rules, users can choose to block telemarketing voice calls, but, no similar block is being made available for telemarketing messages, at least for now. However, for the telemarketing SMSs, users have a choice to pick an area of interest, or concern, like – banking, financial products, real estate, education, health, consumer goods, automobiles, communication, entertainment, among others. The TRAI believes picking an area of interest would lend some authority in the hands of the users, too. 

Among TRAI’s other directives, is the rule that unregistered users would not be disturbed by regulated telemarketers between 9am – 9pm. The TRAI has now sent fresh notices to DoT asking them to begin the allocation of the number series to all telemarketers, using which consumers will be able to sift through unwanted telemarketing calls and messages.

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