Thursday 21 November 2013

Google adds Android Open Source Project to Patch Rewards program

Google has recently announced that it has now added all the open-source components of Android to its Patch Rewards program, which means now you can get financial incentives for proactive security improvements to AOSP (Android Open Source Project) too.

We all know that no software is without vulnerabilities but with the proactive participation of open-source community, these vulnerabilities can be spotted and patched much faster and then there is the financial benefit. It is win-win situation for all – software professionals, Google and everyone who uses these products.

Quick Note: AOSP isn’t the only new addition to Google’s Patch Reward program. Google has also added a lot more open source projects ranging from Apache to OpenVPN. You can read more about them in the official blog post.

You can read more about Patch Rewards Program here.

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