Friday 1 November 2013

Download new Google launcher and other updated apps from Nexus 5 factory image

Want some KitKat awesomeness on your Android smartphone, folks at Droid-Life have extracted most of the core applications including new Google Home launcher, updated Hangouts app, and the new Google Keyboard with Emojis from the Nexus 5 factory image and shared them online.

You can download any of these applications from the links given below, keep in mind that as these apps were meant for Nexus 5, they might or might not work properly on your phone, especially on lower-resolution devices.

Google Play Services (v4.0.30)
Calendar (v201308021)
Clock (v3.0.0)
Email (v6.0-893803)
Gallery (v1.1.40304)
Gmail (v4.6.1)
Camera (v2.0.001)
Hangouts (v2.0.012)
Keep (v2.0.50)
Google Search (
Google Home (


To make Google Home launcher work on your Android device, you will also need the latest Google Play services and Search apps, both of which can be downloaded from the above links.
If Google Now forces closes on your device, do this: Long press the home screen, select Settings. Select Voice. Select Language to change the default. Change to another language, Hit Home. Do a Google Search. Repeat the first three steps. Change back to English – US. (These instructions are valid if you have Google Home launcher)

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