Friday 20 June 2014

Nokia introduces Z Launcher for Android

Nokia’s devices division might have been bought by Microsoft but remaining Nokia is not just sitting idle. Nokia’s newly-spun-off technologies group on Wednesday quietly introduced an Android launcher. Still in pre-beta phases, the new Z Launcher aims to bring the right stuff to the Android users when they need it.

The Z Launcher learns from the consumer usage and automatically surfaces what you might need at any given point.

“As soon as you install and start using Z Launcher, it starts learning what you use throughout the day and automatically surfaces whatever you’re most likely to need at the right moment,” Nokia wrote in a blog post.

The launcher also includes a feature called “Scribble,” which allows the users to draw the first letter of what they are looking for in their phone’s apps or contacts and the launcher shows the results. The users can also add extra letters to further refine the results.

“Scribble is a fast and fun way to find anything on your phone in as little as one second. We’re used to tapping away at our phones to find things – rooting through folders, swiping and scrolling. Scribble makes this easier: Simply draw the first letter of what you’re looking for, right on your screen. Ta da! Z Launcher brings you the right app, contact, or task practically instantaneously,” Nokia explained.

Being an early release, the launcher is only available via its website right now and that too for a limited time. In case, you are not able to get it from its website.

Introducing Z Launcher from Nokia Z Launcher on Vimeo.

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