Tuesday 24 June 2014

Google Glass goes on sale in UK for GBP 1000

Over a year after it was initially released to the developers in US, Google’s Glass wearable is now available in UK. It is technically still in beta phase and is being called Explorer edition, so this is not the real mass market release but is meant for the consumers who want to get their hands on Glass before everyone else and have a thousand pounds to spare. That’s right, Google has priced Glass at GBP 1000 in the country, which is more than the $1500 price of the device in US. It can be grabbed from Google Play in UK.

To remind you, Glass features a 640x360p display, which is equivalent to 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away and comes with an on-board 5MP camera capable of shooting 720p videos recording. Glass will provide audio output using a bone conduction transducer or users can also use the compatible earbuds which are connected to the microUSB port.

In addition, the device supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also sports 12GB of usable internal storage, which is synced with Google Drive.

In related news, Google’s new DVF collection for Glass has gone on sale in the United States. It can now be grabbed from online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter and Google Glass store for starting $1620. Read more about Glass in the related links below.

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