Saturday 14 February 2015

Xiaomi to enter US market in next few months, but without phones or tablet

Xiaomi revealed at its first press event in the United States on Thursday that it will be entering the country in the next few months. The company was however quick to point out that it won’t be offering the smartphones, tablets or Smart TVs in the US anytime soon, but will focus on the sales of accessories like Mi Power Bank, headphones, Mi Band fitness tracker and more.

Xiaomi stated that it is initially going with products that don’t require much localisation or need extensive certification to sell in the country.

The company will use the direct-to-consumer model that it follows in most of the markets for the sale of its accessories in the US and for the same, it will launch the store in the country.

There is no word on an exact date when US consumers can expect to start grabbing the Xiaomi products, but we hope to hear more from Xiaomi in the coming months.

To remind you, Xiaomi is a China-based internet company, which offers aggressively priced smartphones, smartphone accessories, Smart TVs, set-top boxes and more. It currently operates only in Asia, but will be expanding to Latin America (and US) this year. Check out the related links below for more information on the company and its products.

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