Thursday 18 June 2015

Xiaomi's Latest device Is the Rs. 199 Mi LED Light

China's Xiaomi has launched its latest toy in India. The Xiaomi Mi LED Light is now available for purchase from the company's online store at Rs. 199 in blue and white colours.

Xiaomi Mi LED Light looks very similar to the cheap USB lights available via eBay and other websites, though the colours do give it a little bit of more appeal than its no-name brethern. The light has a flexible frame and is powered by a standard USB port, which means you can plug it into any USB charger, your computers's USB port, or indeed any power bank with a USB port. Do remember that offers free shipping only on orders above Rs. 500, so you'll need to pay a Rs. 50 delivery charge if you are thinking of picking up just a single piece of the Xiaomi Mi LED Light for yourself.


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