Wednesday 1 April 2015

Google+ Photos now also available in Google Drive

Google has announced that the consumers, who upload photos in Google+ Photos, will now also be able to access them in Google Drive. This change is going in effect immediately and your new photos will be visible right now, but older ones might take sometime to appear.

The availability of Google+ Photos in Drive doesn’t mean the demise of the former and the consumers will still be able to store photos in Google+ Photos, edit them or share them.

“To get started, just look for the new Photos menu in Drive for Android, iOS and the web. From there you’ll be able to manage your photos and videos alongside other types of files. For example, you can now add pictures of wedding venues and cakes to the same Drive folder as your guest list and budget,” Google explained in a blog post. You can also find the help docs regarding how to manage and store photos and videos in Google Drive here.

Although Google’s latest move seems insignificant, it might have something to do with Google+’s future, which doesn’t look all that bright after its recent split into Stream and Photos.

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